Reflections is dedicated to wisdom preservation, one of the most important missions of the baby boomer generation. Our simple biographical tool captures life stories, safeguards memories and creates family narratives.

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  • A Priceless Gift

    A Priceless Gift

    The most valuable gift you can give is wisdom. Defending family memories, preserving our own legacies, and achieving closure before our parents pass on may be the most important contributions that baby boomers can make to a culture gone astray.

  • A Tool to Capture Your Memories

    A Tool to Capture Your Memories

    Reflections is a simple, biographical tool to capture your thoughts and memories. It asks questions and prompts recollection of your own life stories, along with your parents and children, to create an electronic encyclopedia of your life.

  • A Channel to Catch Your Spirit

    A Channel to Catch Your Spirit

    Reflections helps you catch your spirit, hopes and dreams by recalling your good times and bad, your favorite places, foods, hobbies - the choices, attitudes, interests and opinions that make you... YOU!

  • Making Sense of Your Relationships

    Making Sense of Your Relationships

    As baby boomers, we're starting to lose friends and family... Who changed your life? Who's lives did you change? Reflections helps us remember Family and Friends - our countless relationships over a lifetime that get to the heart of who we are.

  • A Journey Spanning Decades

    A Journey Spanning Decades

    From grade school to college, from job to job, from place to place, from career to retirement - you've come a long way. Reflections organizes and shares the road you've traveled through visual timelines and maps to capture the breadth of your life's journey.

  • Wisdom Gained, Advice Revealed

    Wisdom Gained, Advice Revealed

    You've gained wisdom - it's the essence of who you are, what you've learned and what you believe in. Reflections asks your advice, which in turn transfers wisdom, not just wealth and possessions, to the next generation.

  • Sharing with Loved Ones

    Sharing with Loved Ones

    Creating a reflection of your life benefits loved ones through multigenerational sharing, and strengthens the family with a strong narrative. Reflections' friendly user interface brings everyone together to share their lives, stimulate emotions and reconnect a lifetime of relationships.

  • Private, Safe and Secure

    Private, Safe and Secure

    Robust and complete, safe and secure, Reflections' explicit privacy model provides uncompromised protection and is self-controlled through your own opt-in sharing choices, or can be handled in your role as "Guide" on behalf of senior parents or as a "Trustee" of their information.

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