David Baron

Hello, my name is David Baron and I am one of the co-founders of KDB Software.  I am responsible for the technical development of the Reflections software product.  After re-uniting with Kevin Devault after 16 years apart, and catching up on old times, I listened to him describe an idea he had that would help his parents and millions like them capture the essence of their lives in such a way as they could pass them down to their children and grandchildren.  I immediately thought of my own parents, and my children.

My parents have led fantastic lives, each having accumulated decades of experience, knowledge and wisdom. Unfortunately, I never pried into their lives with them when I lived under their roof, and since graduating college and becoming a husband and father myself, have lived thousands of miles away from them.  Though this never negatively impacted my relationship with them, it did not help me learn, as an adult, all about their lives – what they were like as children, as teen-agers, as students, young adults, newlyweds, etc..  It was even worse for my own three children, who only got to see grandma and grandpa a few times per year. I realized that whatever Kevin had in mind for his parents, I wanted to offer the same thing to my own. 

But, before I bought in to Kevin’s ideas, I challenged him back:  Why don’t your parents just open up Microsoft Word and write a book?  Immediately, the proverbial light bulb went off and I realized that not everyone can write a book.  In fact, most people cannot even speak about “their entire life.”  Instead we both realized that the typical person would instead have to be asked very focused questions, one at a time.  Much like the game “20 Questions,” we too would have to create a program that would ask questions – lots and lots of questions.  These would span the gamut between surface level personal questions (What’s your favorite book?) and deep-meaning social and spiritual questions (Why is charity and altruism better then greed?).  We would ask our users to also talk about the people they knew – both family and friends – people who influenced their lives or shared some special times.  We’d also ask about their personal journey through life – all the things they did, i.e., their experiences, including where and when they did it, and with whom.  Finally, we would provide a way for our users to share the sum total of all of this information – their wisdom, with their children, grandchildren and friends.  And thus was born Reflections! 

Oh, and to answer a few “questions” of my own:  I am a fifty-ish husband and father of three terrific kids.  I grew up in Livingston, N.J., before continuing on to college at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in upstate New York, earning a degree in architecture.  After graduation it took only a short time to realize that architecture was not my true calling.  I dabbled in several fields before purchasing one of the original Macinstosh computers, thus finding my true calling –  software development.  I’ve spent almost 30 years designing and building people-oriented software for companies small and large.  I love what I do and I do it well.  Reflections has been a labor of love and I truly believe that this is just the start of something really special.  I hope you enjoy using the program.

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