Kevin Devault

My name is Kevin Devault and I am a Baby Boomer as well as a founder and the President of KDB Software.  Allow me to share the story of how KDB Software, Inc.  and our flagship product – Reflections have come to be.

After 20+ successful years in management positions with computer system manufacturers and software developers the likes of Apple and Dell, I was blessed with the opportunity to stay home to raise my children.  Unfortunately, my marriage failed and my children moved to Boulder, Colorado.  I bought a place there and split my time between the two locations for my part of joint custody.  When my Ex decided to move to the Mountains, my youngest daughter asked me to move to Boulder fulltime  so that she could live with me and continue to attend her same school.  So, I rented out my house in Austin and moved to Boulder.  Coincidently, my parents become full time RVers travelling throughout North America.  As is the case with many Baby Boomers, I was left to consolidate the households of multiple generations. 

I discovered  more than a dozen boxes containing  hundreds of loose photos, photo albums, scrapbooks, yearbooks, newspaper clippings, magazine articles, various event programs, certificates, diplomas …  I realized that each of these things told a piece  of each of a family members’  story.  I decided to digitize as much as I could and looked for a software tool to organize, store, as well as give me the ability to provide specific context to each item.  I searched the Internet, spoke with scrap bookers, personal historians, videographers and everyone I knew.  I couldn’t find anything web-based that could tell someone’s complete life story.  And everyone I talked to wanted one, too! 

The idea for Reflections was born!  I would bring to market a tool that lets people tell their life story but I needed someone to architect the platform and write the code.  I thought about all the software developers that I had worked with over the years and David Baron came to mind.  I had worked with David in the early 1990s at Blyth Software.  The reason I wanted David, was because his formal training was in architecture yet he trained himself to become an excellent application developer.  His applications started with a solid foundation and really focused on making each feature work best for his users.  In a stroke of luck, David was living only 30 mile away from me.  KDB Software was born. 

The name KDB Software has two distinct lineages.  Not only is it a mash-up of our initials KD and DB, but more importantly, it’s an acronym for Knowledge Database.  Our mission is to capture the wisdom of the most successful generation in American History – the 45+ million Baby Boomers, so that they can pass it down to their family and friends. 

I am sure that each of you has an exciting story to tell and we at KDB Software, Inc. look forward to helping you to capture, preserve and share it with close friends, family and even your future generations..

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