About KDB Software

KDB Software was founded in 2011 by Kevin Devault and David Baron in Lafayette, CO, in between Boulder and Denver.  We are a small company with big ideas and even bigger plans.  Our first product, Reflections, was conceived and designed to help the Baby Boomer generation recall, document and pass down their life’s wisdom and know-how to their younger family members and friends.  As young baby boomers ourselves, we recognize and respect the older generation – what they’ve been through, what they’ve done and what they have to offer.

The impetus for Reflections was very personal.  Kevin Devault, one of our founders, wanted a tool that his father could use to capture all of the knowledge and experience he had accumulated throughout his life, so that it could be passed down to Kevin’s children.  Kevin then realized that this personal tool really would address the needs of  the entire “baby boomer” generation.  It is widely accepted that the baby boomers have made the greatest contribution to the world as we know it today.  The lessons that they learned, the challenges they faced, the successes they achieved, were all rooted in a world based on interaction with people and not computers.  Their accumulated wisdom is desperately needed in today’s digital world, where personal and business relationships are frequently electronic, and where financial survivability is becoming increasingly difficult.

We envisioned Reflections to help address two obvious needs that are touched upon above, plus a third that is becoming increasingly important as today’s Boomers age.  They are:

  • Provide a long-lasting benefit to your children and grandchildren
  • Strengthen the bonds between yourself and your family
  • Postpone the onset of diseases such as Alzheimer’s
Provide a Long-lasting Benefit to Your Children and Grandchildren

It has been said that wisdom is the most valuable gift that can be passed down between generations.  We agree!  It’s worth more than money, and more fulfilling than possessions.  All of those things either run out or tarnish over time.  Consider the famous Chinese proverb “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”  While it is certainly beneficial to leave behind tangible items of considerable value, it is that most valuable intangible item – your wisdom, that can provide benefits for generations to come.

You’ve had decades of life experience to become the person you are today.  By using Reflections you will recount and discuss the various people you knew, events you experienced and knowledge you accumulate – from your earliest memories in grade school, high-school and college, through young adulthood, courtship, parenthood and beyond.  Your children and grand-children will be able to identify with and apply your life lessons to all the phases of their own lives.  You will be teaching them how to best approach and deal with the myriad of the challenges facing them on a daily basis.  Wisdom is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Strengthen the Bonds between Yourself and Your Family

A hundred years ago it was commonplace for three generations of a family to live under the same roof, or in the same apartment building.  Children and grandchildren would watch and learn from their parents and grandparents on a daily basis.  But as American affluence grew, our society became more mobile, families moved away from each other, chasing jobs or other economic opportunities that promised a better quality of living.  The electronic age made it easier, as telecommunications, and later computers and the internet made being apart tolerable.  However, as amazing as today’s technology is, it has not really helped generations get to know each other, instead enabling kids to become even more detached and isolated.  Reflections aims to change all that.

Looking beyond simple communication, Reflections aims to bridge the gag between generations by increasing the familiarity between them.  Today’s younger generation needs to know their progenitors by finding out all about them.  But instead of asking people to take on the daunting task of writing a proper autobiography, Reflections lets them document their lives in “bite size” morsels – perfect for consumption by the computerized, always on-line generation of today.  By finding out how their grandparents handled school, work, marriage, children and money, as well as their perspectives on important social, economic, spiritual and ethical issues of today, today’s generation can foster a greater appreciation with their seniors, which leads to closer, more meaningful relationships.

Postpone the Onset of Diseases Such as Alzheimer’s

It is well understood that diseases such as Alzheimer’s afflict older people rather than younger.  With the Baby Boomer population reaching greater ages, the incidence rate of this terrible disease is similarly increasing.  While there are no known cures or proven preventions, it is commonly accepted that increased mental activity serves to delay the onset of the disease.  Brain-challenging activities such as learning new languages, games such as chess and even increased social interactions all help to stimulate the mind.

Reflections intends to help its users stimulate their minds by not only remembering long-ago facts and people, but by getting them to think about and discuss dozens of subjects and topics.  Many of the questions in Reflections are not merely factual, but instead are meant to be introspective, thought provoking and arguable.  Our goal is to get people thinking, and, talking.  We want our users to engage not only their children and grandchildren, but their friends and even total strangers in stimulating, active discussions.  The more we can get people thinking, the more enjoyment we think they will derive from Reflections, as well as possible life-improving homeopathic benefits.


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