About KDB Software

Baby Boomers, sandwiched between their own children coming of age and aging parents, are acutely aware of their pasts and more concerned than ever about their personal legacies. KDB Software developed Reflections, a biographical tool by and for baby boomers to recall their own life stories, along with their parents’, to protect their family narratives from memory loss, and to share generational wisdom with their children leaving the nest in a culture gone astray.

By helping people organize and share their life stories, KDB is dedicated to wisdom preservation, one of the most important missions for the Baby Boomer generation as their parents pass on. The friendly user interface brings loved ones together to share their lives, stimulate emotions and reconnect families. Reflections takes non-technical users through simple interview steps to create an electronic book of their life, similar to an encyclopedia and organized in volumes including “Me,” “Family,” “Friends,” “Journey,” “Regrets,” “Bucket List,” “Advice” and “Ramblings.” The result is a psychographic compilation of morals, values and attitudes that define each individual. Boomers wanting to preserve their own legacy, or seeking closure before their parents are gone, will appreciate the ‘self-help’ aspect of Reflections that not only strengthens the family with a strong narrative, but also helps stimulate emotions and seniors’ brain function as they pass along the wealth of wisdom to their loved ones.

Meet the Team

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