The KDB Team

In the last few years, aging baby boomers have become acutely interested in capturing their family histories, genealogy and ancestry. KDB Software, based in the Denver area, was founded in 2011 by two baby boomers, Kevin Devault and David Baron, who share the curiosity and passions of their generation. After long careers in the field of Information Technology, they have now devoted their collective expertise to capture and preserve the legacy of their more than 47 million fellow boomers, the most successful generation in American history.

Kevin Devault

My name is Kevin Devault and I am a Baby Boomer as well as a founder and the President of KDB Software.  Allow me to share the story of how KDB Software, Inc.  and our flagship product – Reflections have come to be. After 20+ successful years in management positions with computer system manufacturers and software developers the likes of Apple and Dell, I was blessed with the opportunity to stay home to raise my children.  Unfortunately, my marriage failed and my children moved to Boulder, Colorado.  I bought a place there and split my tim...

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David Baron

Hello, my name is David Baron and I am one of the co-founders of KDB Software.  I am responsible for the technical development of the Reflections software product.  After re-uniting with Kevin Devault after 16 years apart, and catching up on old times, I listened to him describe an idea he had that would help his parents and millions like them capture the essence of their lives in such a way as they could pass them down to their children and grandchildren.  I immediately thought of my own parents, and my children. My parents have...

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